Herschel Miedzygorski

Hello Everyone,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the enormous support I received during my campaign. We are still covering some of the expenses associated with the campaign and so we are very appreciative of any donations.

Best regards to all,

Herschel Miedzygorski

I grew up in Vancouver and I saw first hand the incredible transformation our city underwent. Our city’s success is fantastic but it also presents us with some great challenges. I am running for Vancouver Council as an independent to provide our Vancouverites with creative and pragmatic solutions that aim to create a better standard of living for our communities.
— Herschel

Supporting an innovative approach for affordable housing and a safe city for all


Meet Herschel

Born and raised in Vancouver, Herschel is running as an independent for city council. Community focused, he is taking a stand for accessible housing and shelters, fair property taxes and clean and safe streets for all.

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What I Stand For

I will fight for change. Learn about the key areas I am targeting to champion change.  

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Driving Change.


Vote for Herschel

I was born and raised in Vancouver and I decided to run for City Council because I am deeply concerned about many of the decisions and changes that have taken place over the last decade. Currently there is very little consultation, accountability and transparency for many major decisions and as a result we are left with a housing and homelessness and skyrocketing debt crisis.  As an independent voice, I am looking forward to listening to Vancouver residents, to fight and deliver pragmatical solutions.

 Below is a list of some of my priorities:

 Affordable Housing       

- Stop the sale of city owned land. Build mixed use Co-ops on city owned property to develop affordable housing.

- Cut red-tape to expedite permit process. Currently, permit wait times can exceed two years.

 Clean & Safe Streets

- Clean, safe streets are a necessity for all citizens of Vancouver. The homeless population has increased by close to 1000 people in 12 years and leads the region with over 2100 people either living on the streets or shelter.

- Safe housing is critical in the process of recovery and I support a strategy that will take into account contribution from other municipalities, the provincial and federal governments.


- We need to work with the province to adopt ride sharing in Vancouver

- I also believe we need to extend transit hours until 3AM

Culture and Arts

- I believe we need more funds for the arts.

- I strongly support preserving and developing venues for musicians and other artists.


The city of Vancouver has been left with a debt in the hundreds of millions of dollars. In 2013 servicing interest payments alone cost the city over 7.8% of city budget. As an independent councilor my priority will be, to have a comprehensive inquiry into how we got there and how we can move forward to fixing it.